Importance of Automation in Digital Marketing – 2019

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What is Automation in marketing?

Marketing means to spread awareness of products or offers, you want to sale. People will convert into a prospect by marketing. Sales mean to convert that prospect to customer. This process can be simplified online. On each step of a buyer’s journey, you can guide your customers by automation.

Automation software and tactics of marketing can convert a prospect to a customer and a customer to a delighted customer. Marketing automation is the process of repetitive tasks which help to nurture leads through sending personalized emails and providing contents at every step with the help of automation software and tactics of marketing.

Tips to use automation tools effectively

Automation is not an easy marketing solution, though it is proven scientifically that automation will increase your ROI (According to Hubspot). Automation is not just about content and sending emails. You have to understand the needs and questions of customers to provide them with a better solution with the help of content and evidence. Generally, people buy automation software and Email list for their business. It is not a wrong method, but when they forget to build their own email list. So, they cannot get benefits for the long term. Putting first thing first, you should build your own Email list according to the interest of leads in your products or services.

Importance of Automation tools in Digital Marketing

Improve Customer Relationship with company

Automatic email notification helps users to get a clear idea about your services or products. Providing answers to each question of a user, help them to make a decision and choose your service. It gives highly personalized customer experience which increases conversion rates with triggered emails.

Increase Scalability

In the E-commerce business, it is very important to notice customer’s behavior. You can measure the activity of the user. You can approach them by sending a recommendation for cross-selling or upsell products. You can analyze customer interest and possibilities of his/her next order. Everything is measurable.

Save time

Technology and software tools service had freed up the marketers to think more and work more on building content and strategies to expand their business. You need not to worry about repetitive tasks. Earlier what you can do in a day, you can do it in hours. You can analyze your business. You can spend more time to do creative work.

Save Money

You can save time through marketing automation and if time is money than you are saving money. It reduces labor cost and you can utilize money to improve services. You no need to pay many employees to manage the customer relationship. Automation liberates your mind to do work efficiently and spend money where actually needed to serve your customers and team.

A better sales and marketing partnership

Theory of “large numbers” says that a large number of prospects, likely chance to get more conversion. It is proven that with automation of marketing, you can increase conversion rates. The marketing team will be happy with an increased number of prospects and productivity at less cost. Managers will be happy to have increased conversion and reselling of products. Overall it creates a win-win situation.

Create and monitor Campaigns

You can create many campaigns for each platform that you are using for marketing online. By campaign, you can get the data from different social media or online platform in a single sheet. Automation helps you to measure the platforms and decide which one will work better for you. Monitoring is scalable very easily.

Testing your marketing strategies

Marketers get awareness of the culture of their products and customers’ behavior with testing various campaigns. Classy automation software gives facility to run A/B campaigns for testing by just a single click.


In 2019, Automation marketing is the only effective tool that can improve your business revenue at low cost. You can generate demand, drive conversion and increase revenue with personalized emails. You need to build the email list of your targeted audience, build a creative and effective strategy, and choose the best automation tool for your business. Automation can be used by big companies, digital marketers, bloggers, affiliate marketers, and even anyone can use it for any purpose.

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