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Complete Guidance to Earn Money from Blogging in 2019

The blog is the kind of website that focuses on written content. These contents are also known as the blog post. If you are a beginner to write the blog then you need to write from the personal perspective, which connects you directly to the readers. The direct connection to the reader can be beneficial to start a blog because you can write as per the requirement of the readers. This connection will help you to build trust with the readers, which later helps you to build money from the blog you are writing.

How to become a better blogger/writer?

To become a good blogger or writer you need to be a better thinker with a creative mind. If you want to master your blogs and articles, creativity is the first step through which you can reach the mind of the readers. Have a look at some points that can make you a good writer.

1: Show your expertise

Articles and blogs are the perfect tools to help people establish themselves as an expert in the niche. Whenever you are writing content, try to make it innovative because unique content with the proper information can help readers to collect information. If the readers are impressed with your content then your website becomes reach and grows traffic automatically.

2: Grow your self-confidence

When you are writing something then you need to be self-confident and do not doubt yourself. Try to present everything is a flow and do not stop yourself to share anything. First, try to begin with the introduction of the topic. Secondly, write details about the entire topic and finally draw a good conclusion with a positive note.

These are the perfect way to write a blog and present ideas in front of your readers. If you make the blog flowery and informative then it will get richer and grow more traffic.

Steps followed to begin a blog

It is mandatory to follow proper steps while beginning a blog. There are some steps that should be followed by a beginner while writing content. Some steps are mentioned below:

1.Select a proper niche

If you want to be a successful blogger then choose the appropriate niche and research on the topic that you are presenting. Pick out an appealing topic that can attract readers. Try to strive for happiness, success, and recognition. Make a list of interesting topics before you start writing. Among all the topics, find out the most catchy and interesting subject and start writing on that niche.

2.Select a blogging platform

Try to look at the best blogging sites and select the best blog management tool you want to use while writing content. It is better to start a blog using a self-hosted setup. For new bloggers, free tools like Tumbler and Blogger are the best platforms. The self-hosted platforms allow the bloggers to run blogs using own domain following the company’s rule. For example, is the best example of a self-hosted platform. 

3. Choose a domain name

You will be identified by your domain name, no matter which niche you choose. Its address will be unique on the internet. As long as you continue to pay the annual fee, your domain will be by your name. The readers who know your domain can simply type into the browsers address bar. The users can also find your blogs out in search engines like Bing and Google. That is the reason you need to choose a unique domain name. The domain name must be highly popular and specific to the niche.

4. Choose a web host

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The blogger needs to select reliable hosting services after choosing the domain name. The functionality of your website depends on the hosting provider. The website host makes sure that the website is available 24/7 for potential readers. The files are stored in the web host online.  


5.Install the software for blogging

In this section detailed information is provided to web host the accounts and set up a Word Press CMS. By the installation, it is necessary to launch a Blue host and include screenshots of the pages that are needed to follow.

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6. Choose a proper blog design or theme

Best WordPress Themes

Design, theme, and layout are the most important things, which are needed to be portrayed with proper style, font, and alignment. It is necessary to portray a theme with a cache cover page. You should not choose a cover, design or theme that does not have any match with the blog or article.

7. Start writing blog content

The final stage is to figure out the blog content in a proper way by choosing a perfect title for the blog. While writing the blog, it is necessary to give proper information and ideas while creating a blog and articles. You need to do proper research and collect lots of ideas before writing a blog. Without proper ideas and clean research, any content cannot be informative. The informative blogs can only gain rich traffic and liked by the readers. Therefore you need to gain strong ideas and your vocabulary should be accurate and simple for the readers.

How do blogs help to make money?

There are lots of benefits if you write blogs. Several bloggers earn money from online by multiple procedures as follows:

1: Advertisement

The bloggers can advertise directly using ad networks(Adsense,, etc..). Com can contact specific advertisers and promote their blogs or products on various sites to earn money online.

2: Sponsored Posts

Many blog writers earn money by writing different paid posts to promote services and products for different companies. Sometimes creating promotional blogs can help you to earn money online.

3: Affiliate Marketing

This is the other form of advertisement, but instead of getting a flat payment with promotional sites may help you to affiliate ads regarding blogging.

If you read this blog then you can gather ideas to start content as a beginner. You need to understand every essential element to write a blog or take training from bloggers to draft a good piece of writing.


Nowadays, informational blogs are more appreciated than the promotional content. Both the promotional and informational blogs may help you in earning money online. However, brief knowledge and ideas about the subject help you to provide proper information about the entire subject and the topic. The language must be simple and easily understood by the readers who are reading the content. You need to make sure that advertisements and promotions should not be showcased in an informative blog because of readers keen to learn a lot of things from the informational contents. Following the above-mentioned points and steps in a blog may help you to grow your career as a good blogger or writer. Your effort and interest are the mandatory things to start a blog.