How to Build a Rewarding career in Digital Marketing?

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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a mean of advertising through various digital channels like search engines, social media or YouTube channel where customers spend most of their time. Digital Marketing is the fastest growing business tactic to grow any business. Companies must have a stable online presence to retain their customers and brand. Online Website is itself working as online branding asset apart from websites companies use strategies and tactics like email marketing, video marketing, online digital brochure, and content marketing.

How to get a successful career in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketer should have knowledge of every element of digital marketing tools and tactics to use them. The list shows the roles you can have in the digital marketing career.

Digital Marketing ExecutiveImplementing marketing campaigns, Analytics reports, Building & maintaining an online presence, etc.
SEO SpecialistIncrease website traffic through on-page & off-page optimisation, Implement keyword research strategies, MAintain performance reports
Social Media MarketerDevelop & implement social media campaigns and social media strategies, increase audience engagement, promote brand via social media
Search Engine MarketerDevelop, implement paid search campaigns, Ensure maximum ROI on paid campaigns, In-depth competitor analysis & website analysis
Web Analyst/Data AnalystMarket research & analysis, create reports using website analytics tools
Inbound MarketerCreate & implement strategies to attract customers using content
Content MarketerDevelop SEO friendly content, edit, & optimize website content, drive organic traffic, increase engagement through content
Email MarketerCreate email marketing campaigns to promote product, page, or service & generate leads

Salary in Digital Marketing Field

Salary of any digital marketer depends upon his/her experience and how fast they perform to show the desired result. No need to pursue a higher level degree, you need to just understand the online behavior of customers and skills to grow the company.

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DesignationExperienceSalary (Lacs PA)
Executive0-1 year1.5-4.0
Specialist1-3 years2.0-6.0
Team Lead2-4 Years3.0-7.0
Strategist/Analyst3-5 Years4.0-10.0
Digital Marketing Head5-10 Years10.0-30.0

Apart from doing a job, you can set your own digital marketing agency or work as a freelancer or affiliate marketer.

How to start a career with blogging?

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Blogging should be your passion rather than doing it for money purpose. Blogging defines your ideas, understanding, and point of views about some interesting topics that people like to read and share. You can write blogs about your passion, money making, traveling, medical, beauty, health, any particular culture or anything you love to write and give valuable information to your reader. You can post them on your website and share them on social media.

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Earnings from blogging:

Google Adsense

Affiliate Programmes

Paid Advertisement Banner

Refer to any particular product or service to your readers and earn a commission.

Work as a freelancer

If you don’t want to do any job and want to be your own boss then you can work as a freelancer anytime and anywhere. Freelancing means to get different projects from your contacts or from freelancing website, do work and get paid instantly. You can take different kind of work like keyword research, website development, content writing, backlink generation, on page SEO or manage someone’s social media accounts.

Some Freelancing tips:

1.    Choose freelancing platforms to get projects

2.    Make a strong profile and check your freelancing account every day

3.    Follow the rules of freelancing platforms for payment

4.    Reply instantly and show the portfolio of your work to the clients

5.    Complete the projects in time, get the review to add value to your profile

Some Freelancing Platforms

1.    Freelancer

2.    Upwork

3.    People Per Hour

4.    WorknHire

You can get many other freelancing platforms online.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliating Marketing deals with selling any company’s product or service by your website, blog or social media. You have to be qualified for different affiliate programmes according to their terms and conditions. You will get a commission on the sales you have made.

Affiliate marketing is a global industry worth well over $12 billion.

Affiliate marketing spending is bound to grow by 10% in the next few years

Worth $12 billion, the AM sector is growing rapidly

AM accounts for 15% of all digital media revenue

Some Affiliate Marketing Programmes:

1.    Share a Sale Affiliate Programme

2.    Amazon Associates

3.    eBay Partners

4.    Shopify Affiliate Programme

5.    Click Bank

6. A2Hosting



Best Digital Marketing Blogs you should follow

1.    SparkToro

2.    Neil Patel blog

3.    Convince & Convert

4.    Mobile Monkey

5.    Hubspot

6.    Copyblogger

7.    Internet Marketing blog

8.    Social Media Examiner

9.    Content Marketing Institute Blog

Skills you should have in Digital Marketing

1.    Web Designing: Designing of the website is the most important factor in Digital Marketing. It is the platform where users interact with your company. A designing concern with how content and graphics will be displayed online. Giving amazing user experience will raise values and trust of the company.

2.    SEO: Search Engine Optimization includes tactics and strategies which help to attract search engines towards your website. Keyword research, on the page and off page optimization helps to rank your content. 

3.    SMM: Social Media Management: Social Media is the best platform to build trust with customers. Customers can directly contact with companies through social media. You can use social media to engage your customers time to time, promotion of new launching, arranging events and take feedback as well.

4.    SEM: Search engine marketing is a very vast area of marketing and it helps you to reach an audience with the same interest. SEM includes display marketing, video marketing, and pay per click (PPC). Advertisement rank depends upon the relevancy of your content and landing page. Write effective advertisement including keywords.

5.    Soft skills: Other skills like communication, building network, creativity, constant learning and get up-to-date with trends of Digital Marketing.

How to build a successful career in Digital Marketing

1.    Make your own blog and write content for your blog

2.    Practice SEO, SMM, and SEM

3.    Get an internship in high profile companies.

4.    Get professional certification of Digital Marketing

5.    Make contacts with other influencers and companies

6.    Follow influencers, blogs, and YouTube channels


Digital Marketing is highly in demand for both small and big companies. You can work in any way as you want and get six-digit figure income by working hard.

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