Everything You Need to Know About June 2019 Broad Core Algorithm Update

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Many businesses are still recovering from “March 2019 Core Update.”

Isn’t it?

While coping up that, Google again bombarded us with another update this Monday. They call it “June 2019 Core Update.”

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That was quite a boom! I took a week to write this as I want to run several test cases and check analytics. I analyzed Digifyers analytics to understand the changes in the algorithm. And now, here I am.

We all knew that Google’s algorithms are a complex system. They need to be. They retrieve data from its index and transfer the best results for a
particular query. It practices several combinations of algorithms to deliver the best on its (SERP). Because the ultimate aim of a search engine is to provide the information you are searching for.

Fun fact: On average, Google receives 63,000 searches per second on any given day.

Over the years, Google has come up with a handful of updates. The algorithm gets updated every day. But twice or thrice I a year, they give an official update like this. Because Google’s mission is to make its searches more accurate, better, and stronger. If you have any traffic drop to your website or any ranking fluctuations for the keywords, do not panic. It is too early to get to a conclusion because Google updates take a week or two to get either charged up or bounce back. Thus, my advice is to take a deep breath, remain calm, and take a look at our analytics.

Here is some early date I could found about June 2019 Core Update:

● What do the experts say?

The industry heads and tech giants say that the update is all about site diversity. In layman terms, the June 2019 Core Update says that the users would not get more than two results from the same site hereafter. Thus, you need to understand that there is a change in how Google shows up the websites in the search results. But it does not change how Google ranks websites.

● Not Niche-specific

Google June 2019 Broad Core Update could not be niche-specific. People speculated that the search engine targeted health and real-estate kind of sites earlier. But, John Mueller of Google confirmed that an update does not hit a particular niche. If it does, it makes no sense to call it a “Broad” core algorithm update. Well, could not be any valid.

Because even Oxford says the meaning of “broad” as something that has a “wide scope.” Thus, we need to understand that anyone who points out the update is for a niche is mistaken. Oops!

● What could be the reasons?

As soon the algorithm rolls on, a large UK online publisher has made an announcement. The Daily Mail has lost half of its organic website traffic. The Daily Mail’s SEO Director Jesus Mendez has written for a community for help mentioning that “this was the drop over in the course of pas 24 hours although we have not made any changes to the website.”

I am sorry for them but not surprised by the result of June Broad Core Update. I have gone through their site for almost two and a half hours. And I speculate that the reasons for the drop in traffic and Google visibility are many. Such as could because of the many ads, the content(poor grammar, spelling errors), the site speed, and so forth. They spammed several pages within the website to get quick rankings.

The disappointing part is the second I open it I was over-bloated with ads. I mean, look at it. They implemented everything Google says is not a good practice. So, I guess they are experiencing the consequences now.

I am sure this gotta be an eye-opener for all scales of businesses, bloggers, and marketers.

● More about relevance

One more thing. If you think this June Broad Core Update is all about the “site quality” you are wrong again. The site’s quality is one of the primary factors Google considers in the ranking, but it is more about relevance too. Thus, it is important to keep in mind that this update isn’t all about the quality but the relevance.

Well, it has been six days and it is still early to write broad conclusions about the June Broad Core Update. But I am super enthusiastic and excited to see what’s in store for us. Because it is Google – thing that never stops surprising us. I recommend you to keep a track of your analytics so that we can figure out what is happening.

 I will be back in a week with more real-time insights about June Broad Core Update and what all can we do to fix it. 

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